Complete NUPULSE Cow Milking cluster With Lid

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  Nupulse Milking Cluster includes Nupulse Standard Claw/Pulsator, Nupulse Rubber Inflations, Stainless Steel Nupulse Style Shells , Air Tubes, 3 ft. of 5/8" ID Black Milker Tubingand 9 Feet of 5/8 Clear vacuum hose, Bucket Lid and Gasket with check ball This milking cluster comes with all the necessities to milk with a Nupulse claw if you have a Delaval style milk bucket and a Vacuum pump

Includes these  items

10001NP  Nupulse Claw

MZ20705 Nupulse Shells (4)

MZ10057 Nupulse style inflations (4)

25150 Air tubes (4)

583GDS 5/8" X 3' Black Rubber milk hose

589GDS  5/8 X 9' Clear Vacuum Hose

34310 Bucket lid and gasket with check ball

21905 Stainless Steel Pinch Valve