QuarterMilker w/ Safety Overflow Valve

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The QuarterMilker is used to separately milk out an infected or injured quarter without interfering with the regular milking process. Useful in cases of high somatic cell count (SCC), injury, mastitis, or hemorrhage, QuarterMilker is the dairyman's assurance that affected milk is kept out of the milking system.

When used properly, bulk tank bacteria and somatic cell count may be reduced by preventing affected milk from mixing with good. The 97QMA QuarterMilker features a larger jug, a wider easier-to-use and more durable lid, a more reliable comfortable plastic handle, and softer hose. It also features a special safety valve in the lid which prevents milk from backing up to the claw should the unit be knocked over.

QuarterMilker includes lid with safety valve, a 2-gallon unbreakable, collapse-proof, anti-slip plastic jug, removable molded plastic carrying handle and two 20" soft molded rubber hoses--everything needed to bypass the claw and still allow machine milk out of all quarters.